Thursday, 10 August 2017

When will you take optional subject coaching?

Thanks for evincing interest in me.
I am working on three of projects, now-
  1. establishing an University with the aim of providing complete career security to candidates, students who are just out of their +2.
  2. creating a repository of online knowledge bank by converting all my 3000 odd articles that I have written so far, into Multimedia and documentaries by the use of Virtual Reality, and Immersive technology. This is for International Market.
  3. Completing my research on Project Vasundhara, the Mini Planet that is proposed to be established as a city.
I have also been involved in an advisory role to the Government and that prevented me in undertaking any commercial activity for some time. This is near end, and I am out of it.
My assignment will be in shape enough to be on auto mode with my constant supervision hopefully by October November.
I think I can plan taking Civil Services mentoring again, if I can find someone good enough to manage me for Civil Services “market”
However in this entire four years I find that I am no more fit for coaching at all. I am now completely into Academics, and also that I have developed the traits of a mentor who can transform a candidate or a batch of people towards certain success. I have done it for a bunch of students who deposited themselves to me, and I enjoy that part.
So I won’t be taking any optional subject coaching as such, but of course will see that the students, (not consumers) who chose me have a secure career for themselves.

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