Monday, 13 February 2017

प्रेरणाप्रद कहानी

प्रेरणाप्रद कहानी

एक 6 वर्ष का बालक अपनी 4 वर्ष की बहन के साथ एक बाजार से गुजर रहा था। अचानक बालक ने पाया कि उसकी बहन पीछे ठहर गई है।
बालक ठहरा और मुड़कर पीछे देखा। उसकी बहन खिलौने की एक दुकान के सामने खड़ी थी और बड़े ध्यान से कुछ देख रही थी।
बालक वापस लौटा और अपनी बहन से पूछा, ‘‘ क्या तुम कुछ चाहती हो?’’ बहन ने एक गुड़िया की ओर संकेत किया। बालक ने उसका हाथ पकड़ा और एक जिम्मेदार बड़े भाई की तरह गुड़िया उसे दे दी। बहन बहुत ज्यादा खुश हो गई।
दुकानदार यह सब देख रहा था और लड़के के परिपक्व व्यवहार के देखकर आनंदित हो रहा था...
अब लड़के ने काउंटर पर जाकर दुकानदार से पूछा, “ इस गुड़िया की कीमत क्या है, श्रीमान!”
दुकानदार एक धैर्यवान व्यक्ति था और जीवन की समस्याओं से परिचित था। इसलिए उसने बालक से बहुत प्यार और स्नेह से कहा, “ जो भी तुम दे सकते हो?”
लड़के ने अपनी जेब से वे सभी कौड़ियां बाहर निकालीं जो उसने सागर तट से एकत्र की थीं और उनको दुकानदार को दे दिया। दुकानदार ने कौड़ियों को लिया और ऐसे गिनना शुरू किया, जैसे पैसे गिन रहा हो। तब उसने बच्चे की ओर देखा। बच्चे ने चिंता से पूछा, “क्या यह कम है?”
दुकानदार ने कहा, “नहीं, नहीं..ये कीमत से अधिक हैं। इसलिए मैं बाकी वापस लौटाऊंगा।” ऐसा कहकर उसने केवल 4 कौड़ियां लीं और शेष वापस कर दी।
बालक ने बहुत खुशी से बाकी कौड़ियां अपनी जेब में रखीं और बहन के साथ चला गया।
उस दुकान में एक नौकर यह सब देखकर बहुत आश्चर्यचकित हुआ। उसने अपने मालिक से पूछा, “ श्रीमान! आपने वह महंगी गुड़िया केवल 4 कौड़ियों के बदले में दे दी।”
दुकानदार ने मुस्कुरा कर कहा, “ हमारे लिए ये केवल मामूली कौड़ियां हैं लेकिन उस बालक के लिए ये कौड़ियां बहुत मूल्यवान हैं। इस उम्र में वह नहीं समझता कि पैसा क्या होता है लेकिन जब वह बड़ा होगा तो वह निश्चित ही समझेगा। जब वह याद करेगा कि उसने एक गुड़िया को पैसों की बजाय कौड़ियों से खरीदा था तब वह मुझे याद करेगा और सोचेगा कि यह दुनिया अच्छे लोगों से भरी है।
यह उसे एक सकारात्मक मनोवृत्ति विकसित करने में मदद करेगा और वह भी इस तरह से अच्छा बनने के प्रेरित होगा। ”
कहानी का मूलमंत्र-
जो भी भावना आप दुनिया में डालते हो वह आगे फैलती है। यदि आप अच्छा करते हैं तो अच्छाई बढ़ेगी। यदि आप खराब करते हैं तो नकारात्मकता बढ़ेगी। इस बात को महसूस कीजिए कि आप ऊर्जा के एक बहुत शक्तिशाली स्रोत हैं।
आपकी अच्छाई या बुराई कई गुना बढ़कर आपके पास लौटती है। उस तरीके से नहीं जैसा कि आप चाहते हैं और न उन तरीकों से जिनकों आप समझ सकते हैं। लेकिन वह वापस लौटेगी।

Friday, 10 February 2017



A pilot had to had an emergency landing. He was flying over sea. He located a barren island and somehow landed the plane on the beach. The plane on crash landing broke various instruments as well as its body. It was thus unable to fly once again. The pilot had no hope to escape other than if someone sights him and evacuates him from the island.
In order to survive the pilot learnt how to make a shelter and a hut, how to start fire. His only priority was how to cook food out of whatever that was going to be found on the island.
Living everyday life was an ordeal for him. His entire day used to be spent on trying to cite a ship, a boat or a vessel that could take him away from the island. He used come out of his makeshift hut and wave clothes at distant ship hoping that somebody will notice it and then take him away from that island.
Time passed, it went on to be more than one year in one dress that was torn to shreds, and had a state of mind that was going to break any time.
One day he noticed a ship passing closed by while he was cooking food with makeshift fire in his hut. He rushed out immediately to wave a cloth to the passing ship. While he waved, the ship kept on passing to be away from his eyes.
As he returned he found the hut was burnt as in the rush to get out, the food that was being "cooked" fell. This set the entire hut made of straw on fire.
He was aghast. He felt that the survival would become even more difficult without a shelter, a shelter that took months to build. He was despondent as he watched smoke from his already burnt hut.
Soon afterwards, he saw a helicopter hovering over the island. He started waving frantically. As he waved now, he was promptly rescued.
He was surprised and asked as to how they came in helicopter and why did they came?
The answer of the rescuers was
"It was the smoke that gave us the indication that someone is in the island and they are sending smoke as a stress signal.
Just think, what was considered to be a catastrophe for the person now became the saviour.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

"DOCTORS VS JUDGES": Judiciary should also come under CPA (Consumer Protection Act).



--In the Salman Khan hit and run case the LOWER court judge and the HIGH court judge had the SAME pieces of EVIDENCE to deal with.

--They also had the SAME Indian LAW to abide by and most probably they had similar educational qualifications too.

--Yet, they INTERPRETED the situation in absolutely CONTRASTING manner and
gave verdicts which are poles apart.

--Just imagine what would have happened if a YOUNG doctor sitting in a GOVERNMENT hospital, catering to hundreds of patients in a day,had
diagnosed a celebrity patient presenting with gastric discomfort as GASTRITIS and another hospital had LATER on diagnosed that patient to be having a MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION. I am sure that doctor would have been
Prosecuted and jailed.

--A JUDGE gets YEARS to decide on a case unlike a DOCTOR who is expected to diagnose and treat everything in the BLINK of an eye.

--If a doctor making a wrong diagnosis can be prosecuted shouldn't a judge giving wrong verdicts meet the same fate?

--If hospitals can be sued for not admitting poor patients shouldn't the courts be prosecuted for having lakhs of pending cases?

--Is it not appalling that a judge taking 12 years to give a wrong verdict gets away unscathed and a doctor making one mistake is punished by our legal system?

--Doctors practice medicine which is more of an art than an exact science, whereas law is absolutely 100% manmade, yet doctors are expected to be right on all occasions.

--If doctors and hospitals have a duty towards the society then does the judiciary not have a responsibility towards society ?

--If there is so much of hue and cry in media about doctors and hospitals charging huge sums from patients then why do we not ever hear a word on the
fee that lawyers like Manu Singhvi and Jethmalani charge for their court appearances ?

--Government often talks about putting a cap on the fees doctors charge for various procedures but there is no talk of putting a cap on the fees that these lawyers charge, win or lose, just to appear in court for their clients ?

--If health is a citizen's right then so is justice. Shouldn't we take our minds off worshipping false heroes & think?

The bottom line is :