Thursday, 10 August 2017

How should I start preparing for UPSC civils exam?

If the students are really determined and have a rational attitude, the examination is not difficult and students can have a 100% certainity in results with respect to their efforts. The steps which the students can follow are going to be in phases.
Phase I
  • Emphasis must be on
  • Revising the entire of school learning, and revisiting all the schoolbooks.
  • Find gaps in whatever they have not learned—fill this gap
  • Make a concerted effort to develop the language, comprehension and expression.
  • Start reading newspaper regularly, Collect the different words. Comprehend the language prepare a synopsis.
Phase II
Start concentrating on your personality. Expose yourself to different situations. Your personality development effort should have following components.
  • Completing your sentences while conversing
  • Don’t leave loose ends while conversing
  • Stop taking extreme viewpoints.
  • Start balancing your perception and thought
  • Read as many newspapers as possible. Try to read between lines.
  • Meet variety of people. Try your best to understand them. Understand that everyone is different.
This understanding will be important for preparing a base to study Paper- V of General Studies. As a first step Paper V preparation and understanding is important to begin with as it will develop a perspective for understanding General Studies.
Having revised the school syllabus and the entire of school level subjects, the foundation is made. Having got the ability to read and understand the newspapers, the candidate will be able to develop a perspective. Having taken a keen interest in oneself, and the surroundings, the students will be able to develop his/her thinking, perspective, and start differentiating between perception and reality, the candidate will now start understanding the world better and start learning much more fruitfully rather than only memorise chapter.
Phase III
  • Select an optional
  • Prepare a daily routine
  • Find gaps in whatever they have not learned—fill this gap
  • Start studying GS topic by topic
  • Complete the whole syllabus of GS and optional once.
Phase IV
  • Preparing a synopsis of the topic
  • Go for a writing practice by selecting questions and answering them. Once in writing practice, start perfecting writing.
Phase V
  • Keep developing perspective
  • Learn about the topics but not only form books
  • Go for extensive writing practice
  • Keep meeting people, keep discussing topics
  • Continue reading magazines and topics of choice so that the perspectives and innovation remain fresh and the candidates keep innovating with ideas and concepts.