Thursday, 10 August 2017

Will Liu Xiaobo become a modern symbol of China's soft power, compensating for the lack of a Gandhi there?

Liu Xiaobo 
China's soft power concept is very different.
People like Chinese products in a more utilitarian manner, People also like Chinese efficiency, Chinese meticulous work execution and all of which makes for China's notion of soft power. Chinese portray themselves and love this identity of theirs.
Globally, Chinese are known for their work and their ability to get their work done in a roughed up manner. It’s in Chinese interest to portray themselves as brazen confrontationist and a hard task master.
They make the world fear; they make people maintain a distance from the very inflexible notion of Chinese nationalism. They want themselves to be seen as a no nonsense country, with a very high degree of nationalistic fervor.
The notion of goodwill is very different for Chinese.
They don’t want their work done through affection, rather they want it done in a brazen form through coercion, if anywhere it doesn’t suits their interest.
Elevating Liu Xiabo will be like accepting his philosophy, accepting his notions of goodwill, affection, love, peace and diplomacy. If Chinese follow it today...they wont be able to comply with its philosophy. Complying with it will harm the brand that is China.
Chinese soft power is more transactional, rather than diversely adaptable as is the case of India. Indian soft power is not truly in form of give and take. Chinese do want to take time, they want quick results. In case of long term interests, the Chinese whoever country they convert into soft power, almost take full control of it.
Chinese do not believe in the dictum that "If you want to get your work done, love is enough to get it done" Chinese seem to be more influenced by the fact that “You require power when you have to misuse it”-This statement epitomizes Chinese psyche and mentality.
From a psychological viewpoint, for Indians intelligence is wholesome solution, a means to understand and a means to provide lasting solution or never allow troubles to erupt. For Chinese intelligence is synonymous to being clever, being cunning.
No way will they follow Liu Xiabo.

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