Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Does UPSC CSE require remembering a lot of things or is only conceptual understanding required? Should a student very weak in mugging try this exam?

UPSC requires a candidate to be a learner, one who can be trained in Academy of Mussorie (LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI ACADEMY OF ADMINISTRATION) and maintain learning as a trait and keep learning as part of various assignments in capacities of IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS and other services. In order to know whether they are learners UPSC has introduced various subjects to see whether the candidates can grasp a subject afresh and from scratch.
In order to know whether they are learners or are judgmental, UPSC has ethics paper, essay paper as well as variety of topics. In order to know whether a candidate understands the concept and takes interest, they have varied topics where the learners’ trait of the candidate is verified.
Learning can be from any source-such as books, observation, conversation, and entertainment as well. The syllabus of UPSC is so vast that it is simply not possible that a candidate can learn only through books. The number of chapter does not allow any candidate and it is physically not possible that any candidate will be able to learn only from books.
A person who uses varied forms of learning shows many aspects about personality-such as intelligence, grasp ability, novelty, innovation, decision making, observation management, skills and vision all of which are required for a civil servant.
Learning never takes place by mugging or by roteNEVER over. Anyone who uses mugging cannot simply command the syllabus that is so gargantuan. So simply mugging wont help.
Someone may ask the question therefore is- How to memorize facts- The answer to it is simply speaking- Get interested.
Any fact can be memorized if anyone gets interested. Interest increases memory and it is remembered for long time. Ability to recall and remember is associated with enhanced cognitive ability, ability to evince interest and sustain and simplify ..... and or manage learning. A civil servant must have all these qualities.
Anyone who relies on mugging reflects a lot of things about his personality- He lacks intelligence, lacks, learning, lacks imagination lacks vision and lacks education management. UPSC will never take these bafoons into the Service.
Mugging is for weak, nonvisionary and unintelligent people. They are not required in UPSC.
The best way to remember any fact therefore is get interested in the subject, train yourself to be interested in studies, manage yourself to be interested, and develop imagination to have a higher recall value, rather than have a cosmetic ability to memorise. Any one who is a mugger has no place in UPSC. This years PT exams shows way out to all of the muggers.
Unfortunately most coaching institutes will never persuade you to be original because a good number of coaches are very average daily wage coaches who at best can dictate a topic not explain it, or analyse it. It therefore becomes a case of one fool makes another.
From a more rational perspective, Muggers are never good decision makers, since they don’t have a personality. In UPSC only decision makers are required not muggers.

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